What does the Common Grey Wolf have to do with it?

Many people have asked me about the name of the business and what it has to do with the services we offer, and they would be right in questioning me. On the surface, canis lupus has very little to do with transcription and typing, however, the foundations, values and ethics of Two Wolves are closely linked to some of the characteristics of its lupine brethren.

Wolves are, among other things, territorial, vigilant and ‘seekers of truth’. They will rarely adopt a lone wolf in to their pack, but when they do, that lone wolf will endure weeks of exploratory behaviour by the pack to see whether the new comer is trustworthy. Sure, they are apex predators and not always seen in the best light, but it is the pack behaviour of wolves and the long-time love affair that I have had with them, that instinctively led me to name the business after them.

We often humanise animals in order to understand them, and when I am asked about the meaning behind the name of the business, I will immediately picture two wolves standing guard at the walls of a castle and defending the territory that they have sworn to protect. Sounds fanciful, I know, but there is a reason for this imagery and it lies with the very foundation of our service delivery.

Confidentiality, security, vigilance and truth are some of the core values of Two Wolves, and if you own a dog, you will understand why these values are reflected in wolves. We tell our dogs things we would not tell another knowing that the secret will stay with them for life, we know that our canine pack will guard our human pack without fear or reservation, they will stand as gatekeepers at the foot of our bed while we sleep, and, they will never tell a lie. We could never have a more faithful or loyal ally than that of the dog.

We at Two Wolves cannot guard your house nor can we go hunting for your supper, but what we can do is steadfastly protect what is precious to your business, provide the most effective security protocols to protect confidential information, be always vigilant in monitoring the needs of our clients and operate our business in a highly ethical and truthful way.

This is where the core values of Two Wolves and some of the inherent characteristics of canis lupus intersect and forge common ground, so it is in honour of the common grey wolf that our business is named.

If you are looking for a business that you can trust and will deliver the most secure, highly professional and confidential services to your business, think of the grey wolf and look no further, because Two Wolves is the Pack for you and your business.

If you would like to know more about Two Wolves or give feedback, please leave a comment below, or email us.

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